A selection of reviews of our events, talks and meditations

David – This talk has been profoundly helpful to my practice. I come back and listen to it every month or so to be reminded of its deep dharma.

EeeEssGee – Nicely guided with gentle, unobtrusive reminders to redirect attention to the breath. I have never heard another teacher explain so clearly how to handle thoughts during meditation. It is a refreshing and welcoming perspective. Thank you!

Janell Karyn – Very peaceful, no pressure just allowing what is. I really enjoyed it.

Iriedawta – Loved this talk and only wish that I had found it months ago. Thank you.

Phil – I always struggled with the instruction of “watching my thoughts”. This talk clarifies so many things for me. Thank you!

Tom – Loved it. Uncomplicated guide to being present. For me, this is what meditation is all about

Mike – Terrific. Maybe the best guided meditation I’ve done yet. Loved the combination of internal and external focus. Thanks!

Bryony – Felt like effortless time, minutes turned to seconds. Great techniques and pace, thank you.

Flo – Very organised, very accessible, very recommended. I liked the place, the teaching and the group atmosphere.

Robin – Lovely evening. Lovely meditations by Stephen. I’m looking forward to the next one.

Heather – Good for beginners to know these things, (and experienced practitioners to re-remember) as there are many misconceptions about what mindfulness is and what is “supposed” to happen. This teacher knows what he’s talking about. Great!

David –  Loved this. A kind of jujitsu of mindfulness – instead of letting go of thought through the effort of focusing on a meditation object like the breath he recommends accepting thought along with breath, accepting sounds and the space you’re in rather than the subtle judgement in the tendency to ignore or reject these things.

Andie – Just what I needed to hear! Now I can stop being so hard on myself when my mind wonders during meditation Thank you! Will listen to this daily.

Tony – So much wisdom in such a short space of time. Well worth returning to this.

Gwendolyn – One could spend a lot of money and sit a lot to receive this wisdom. Thank you!

Deepesh – A simple and profound portal into the depths of meditative silence and awareness.

Eunice – Wow, that was good. I need to listen again to really absorb what was shared. But this gives a clear perspective of meditation … and life. Thank you.

Wencke – Perfect. Using thoughts as another anchor to the present moment is genius! Thank you very much, I shall come back to this.

Naideen – Thank you. Must listen to this talk again. So good.

Rosie – Wonderful soft, meditative voice. Very good words, thoughts for a true mindfulness meditation all the way through. Very relaxing yet sharpening the awareness.  Excellent.

Lucy – Interesting & insightful, a very clear explanation of the process & purpose of mindfulness meditation. Thank you.

Stacey – Need to listen each day for a while. Until I learn this by heart.

Mike – Simple and effective. Worked for me.

Carol – A new way of thinking about meditation, thank you!

Mary – Right to the point, perfect.

Marla – I enjoyed this meditation. The voice was extraordinarily soothing in sound.

Dominique – One of the best.

Charlie – Incredibly peaceful.

Jamie – Exceptional.

Patti – Very helpful. Especially for anxiety.

Damiön – Nice pacing and voice, great meditation to follow.

Denis – I love it!! Nice gentle guidance.

Robert – Thanks for the gift of this journey! Peace came towards the end of the practice.

Richie – Perfect pace, soothing voice.

Lindsey – This was very helpful! Useful to take into everyday life. I have to listen everyday!

Cynthia – A very Zen explanation of the unexplainable. Made me smile.

Peter – Excellent advice not often heard. Thanks.

Max – I just keep listening to this over and over again….

Billy- Great Insight and Wisdom!!!

Ann – Droll but deeply true.

Homyoon – Very nice talk about this subject. I enjoyed it and I’d like to listen to it again. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Christo – Insightful and beautiful. Thank you.

Angela – Helpful, hopeful, realistic. Thank you.

Anita – Very useful teaching.

Richie – Perfect pace, soothing voice.

Rayna – Eased a chronic pain.

Margo – Love the voice, calm unobtrusive. Just enough guiding to stay focused.

Bernadette – Calming. Thank you Stephen. Namasté.

Linda – Really helped my journey to be present. Thank you.

Nicole – Particularly helpful instruction for relating to thoughts in meditation practice. Thank you.

Michelle – I have a very busy mind so this was very helpful. Thank you!

Aurora – A pleasant and peaceful reminder of the moment to be in, right now.

Tamela – Beautifully guided.

Sheila – Wonderful meditation. I like his laid-back style.

Robin – Really works, and something a little different. Thanks.

Anne – Very relaxing, helpful with refocusing.

Barbara – Thank you. Pleasant voice and good insight.