Taking opportunities for everyday mindful moments

Don’t wait until you have the time and space to sit down to practise mindfulness; there are innumerable opportunities available everyday to experience mindful moments.

A mindful moment is simply spending a few seconds at any point during the day to consciously connect with the present through one or more of your senses. When sitting in the car in traffic and you can choose to connect with the sensation of contact between your body and the car seat and between your hands and the steering wheel, or if you are on the bus or train you can close your eyes and start to really listen to the unique blend of sounds around you in that moment.

What works well is to make a habit of taking these mindful moments by associating them with particular frequent daily acts. We could choose to be mindful of the sensations whilst brushing our teeth, we could take a moment to observe our thoughts for a couple of seconds before we check our phone, we could connect with the sensations in our feet when walking to and from our desks at work, and when outside we can take a moment to be aware of the space around us and above us and take a few conscious breaths.

As well as providing benefit at the time, you may find that these mindful moments start to accumulate and reinforce each other. Mindfulness can become a regular habit and when we do sit down for a period of mindfulness meditation and relaxation we may just find our awareness slips into that state of being that bit more easily.

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