Don’t try to fit in

Don’t try to fit in to a practice, method, group or teaching. Discover what works for you and do that. Inform your discovery and decisions with evidence garnered from your own direct experience. Learn from others, but in the end trust yourself.

Don’t try and fit yourself into a system, that would be a violent act against yourself.

Find a teacher who has a personality match for you and a presentation style you enjoy – it, in itself has no significance to the substance of the teaching, however it allows the transmission to occur as we welcome and allow the influence of people we like.

So find that combination of likability and a reasonable, workable theory and start learning. Don’t waste time looking for The Truth; don’t waste time trying to force yourself into a teaching or practise that you don’t like.

Knowingly follow your ego’s preferences to find a teacher and practise that will make learning easy and enjoyable for you; don’t add another obstacle to your learning by battling against the ego with a teaching it doesn’t like.

Do what works for you at this moment and drop it immediately when it stops working for you and find the next thing that you need to keep moving forward.

You are the only relevant factor to consider when finding the right approach for your spiritual growth. To try and fit yourself in to one particular limited methodology or belief system is only ever going to be counter productive.

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