The illusion of now

What we think of as the present moment, isn’t really that at all. When we practise mindfulness and become aware of our thoughts and feelings, sensations in the body and the breath, aware of the environment around through our senses, we assume we are perceivnging the present moment. But actually what we are experiencing is the recent past. Our perceptions are always of what has already happened as the brain needs time to process themdatanwemreceive and to roesent a coherent picture. The brain, for east ole, processes sight and sound and then synchronises them so we experience them as happening simultaneously even though data of sight arrives faster than that of sound. So every experience is a constructed experience, an approximation and interpretation of the actual present moment that has always already past.

With the realisation of this, we can change of approach to our experience and see it as the recent past. This allows us the opportunity to be open to experience something else, something new. We are then free to directly experi nice the actual oresent moment that is something beyond all sensory data, beyond all sensations of the body and all thoughts. We are then in touch with the actual now that is something new and beyond any experience of what we had assumed was present moment awareness.

So be aware of everything that is happening internally and externally. See it for what it really is, the recent past. And be open and look forward from this to the ever new and unmanifest actual now of the real present moment, beyond thought and beyond the senses; a direct experience of timeless presence and unlimited consciousness.

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